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Shiro Uneri

Shiro Uneri [白容裔] Composed by Shane Tysk Suggested arrangement: 1 odaiko, 1 shime/okedo set (okejime), 3 chudaiko Download pdf file of Shiro Uneri sheet music   A yokai (Japanese spirit) possessing tattered rags and nets, the Shiro Uneri resembles a small, ghostly dragon. It haunts the places where its old rag body once lay disused, causing mischief throughout the household. […]

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Makura-gaeshi [枕返し] Composed by Gregory P. Richards Suggested arrangement: 1 odaiko, 1 shimedaiko, 2-4 chudaiko, 1 okedo (slung) Download zip file of Makura-gaeshi sheet music     The Makura-gaeshi is a mischievous yokai, or Japanese demon, that appears in various tales of Japanese folklore. Its name means “pillow flipper,” and true to its moniker, it is known to hide in bedrooms, […]

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